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Built with Law Firm Needs in Mind

Counself has built tools for Outside Counsel and Vendors to kickstart their assessment process and respond more quickly to gaps in their information security policies. Vendors can save time by using their completed questionnaires, forms, and profiles over and over again. Counself provides a competitive advantage for law firms to help them keep existing clients satisfied and to acquire new clients by enabling you to consistently provide value through enriched collaboration, centralized information, security, and transparency.

Solution Features

Get Organized and Be Consistent

Responding to RFx and security assessments clearly and thoroughly is a must to retain client trust. With Counself, you can create a library of answers, certifications, and documents to be used by anybody in your Firm who participates in the response process.

Collaborate Easily

Communicate about a request or response and collaborate with clients or colleagues without having to leave the platform, making it easy for your colleagues to follow-up and work efficiently as a team.

Answer One Time, Use Any Time

There aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to multiple client requests, but instead of wasting your time looking in emails or prior responses for answers to the same questions, Counself helps you to answer client’s questionnaires with your firm’s pre-approved answers.

Centralize Data

Organize, explore, build, and keep track of your opportunities with a searchable database of all your existing clients, and other potential corporate clients in Counself’s secure and private repository.

Manage Certificates

Maintain a centralized database of certifications and contracts. Set automated alerts and reminders in advance of expiration and renewal and communicate directly with client regarding specific documentation without tons of emails, calls, and questions.

Self-Service Registration

With a Counself profile, you join a network that spans the globe. Register quickly and easily with Counself to view invitations to requests, update your firm profile, and build your opportunities. Keep your information accurate and collaborate with clients right on your profile with shared libraries and messaging.

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Kickstart your Compliance with Counself Information Security Policy Templates

Our Information Security Policy Templates will ensure that your responses to Due Diligence requests are professional, organized, and thorough. We've developed these policies through our own experience responding to our clients' due diligence requests, so we know exactly what they are looking for.

Information security policies offer a description of specific security controls and define the activities, systems, and behaviors of a secure organization. Whether it’s a single document or a set, every company has its own security needs and considerations, however, development and implementation of successful information security policies is often a long and involved process, that can be time consuming and costly.

Align your work to your clients' needs and expectations and make it easier for them to work with you by using Counself Information Security Templates.

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