The Counself Platform

Simple. Secure. Collaborative.

Intelligent Forms

Replace Excel and Word with easy and intuitive electronic forms. Generate rich, online forms, surveys, and questionnaires to capture and combine wide ranges of data, both internally and externally. Review, unlock, and store responses for easy reference and comparison. Stop the cell insanity and gather information intelligently.

Template Library

Store your document templates, notes, and forms in one centralized library that you can access, manage, and use across your organization without having to worry about lost or buried documents and files. Collaborate with your team in the Company Library, where you’ll have access to documentation used company wide, or maintain a Personal Library and stop wasting time looking for re-usable content.

Vendor Profile

We make it easy for your vendors to register with Counself, enabling them to create and maintain accurate profiles and shared libraries, providing you with accurate and current information and relieving you of manual vendor administration and contact management.

Collaborate Seamlessly

From internal to external commenting options to group and individual messaging, Counself removes the headache of manual communication across applications into one centralized platform. Share what you need with whoever needs it in a highly secure platform without ever having to leave to track down an email, directory, or conversation.

Ready to Take Control?

We would be happy to show you what you can do with Counself.