Counself Insight

Leverage Your Data to Optimize Outside Counsel Relationships.

Don’t Wait Till The End. Use Your Data To Be Proactive With How You Spend

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Counself Insight combines decades of outside counsel management expertise with intelligent machine learning algorithms for faster, more actionable, and more consistent spend visibility. Its proprietary technology studies patterns in your inputs, connects the dots, discovers opportunities, and recommends AFA (Alternatives Fee Arrangements) options with clear visibility into projected savings.

Here How Counself Insight Works

Step 1. Ingest and Clean Your Data

You can’t make good decisions with bad data, so our data-geeks trained Insight to do the heavy lifting for you. Counself will plug in to your Matter Management System or read your law firms’ billing data from Excel/flat files, clean your data, and then analyze and classify your spend down to the lowest level of invoice line items.

Step 2. Extract Insight From Data

Insight will perform all sorts of algorithms and thousands of comparisons of your matters, vendors, timekeepers, rates, roles, and activities. It won’t spit out 100s of charts and KPIs for you to sift through, instead, Insight will take your priorities into account to give you recommendations in simple English with supporting facts and numbers. You can see the big picture of your total outside spend in a unique visualization and you can also go into the weeds to generate and export a detailed PDF report for each of your individual firms.

Step 3. Take Confident Actions

It’s exciting to finally see the stories your data has been trying to tell you. Whether you want to ask your firms to increase efficiencies, optimize their staffing, or even search for a replacement firm, you can build your business cases and run the processes with ease in the Counself platform. Pick a request template, attach and edit Insight’s recommendations, send your RFP or RFQ easily to the selected firm(s), and let the system collect and filter the proposals. Counself RFP™ streamlines the proposal process so you have offers in front of you not in months, but in days.

With Counself Insight You Can:

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Identify New Opportunities
  • Improve Operations
  • Capture & Apply Scarce Knowledge
  • Identify New Firms & Skills
  • Optimize Outside Counsel Relationships

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