Counself for Legal Departments

Manage Relationships and Compliance with Confidence

Counself Insight converts your raw data into actionable insight about outside counsel and vendors. It cleans, analyzes, classifies, and finds anomalies in your data to present you with creative and clear recommendations on how to increase efficiencies and save cost.

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Counself RFP leverages and compares proposals/AFAs to increase price predictability and cost optimization for your legal department. Draft requests using matter-specific templates to issue RFPs and RFQs. Take advantage of Counself Insight’s recommendations to better scope your Request and negotiate proposals. Host sealed bidding events, define due dates and terms, perform conflict checks, attach custom forms and documents to any request and send to any number of firms at once, securely, and separately.

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Counself Risk™ is designed for legal, making onboarding a breeze and due diligence an easy check-in. Take advantage of Counself’s library of legal industry best-practice forms, questionnaires, documents, and request templates to expedite your compliance gathering and monitoring processes.

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Easy Process

Prepare Request
Send Your Request
Review and Communicate
Complete and Record
Monitor and Manage

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