Counself RFP

Increase Price Predictability and Cost Optimization

Encourage Vendors to Deliver More Value

Considering or already leveraging Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) and other creative solutions to improve cost optimization for your legal departments? Use Counself RFP™ to:

  • Integrate with your MMS to Draft RFPs and RFQs using matter-specific templates.

  • Create and use your custom questionnaires to capture the data you need to make decisions.

  • Host sealed bidding events.

  • Define due dates and terms and set follow up reminders and expirations.

  • Send one request to any number of firms at once, securely and separately.

  • Perform conflict checks, gather timekeeper information, and request budget sheets.

  • Leverage Counself Insight’s recommendations to better scope your Request.

A Workflow That’s Both Efficient and Effective

We know from law firm users that helping them respond more efficiently with time-saving tools means more thorough and thoughtful responses to requests. So we built a best practice workflow to make collaboration between clients and vendors the easiest it can be.


Distribute Requests

Author your requests from scratch or take advantage of Counself's library of best-practice templates and tweak to your needs so you can get the exact information your need in a consistent and standardized format. Integrate Counself with your Matter Management System (MMS) to auto-generate and populate RFPs with your matter data. Track everything in one, integrated platform.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate securely with your outside counsel and other vendors, as well as your team through encrypted messaging functionalities with delivery tracking, auditable document sharing, and more. Message directly on requests and responses - no more emailing back and forth.

Self-Service Registration

Free yourself from manual records maintenance and use Counself for informed and actionable vendor management. Enable your outside counsel and other vendors to register with Counself quickly, easily, and intuitively, delegating account and profile management responsibilities to them so you can focus on your requests.

Compare Apples to Apples

Take advantage of Counself’s request review tools to compare proposals and responses side by side. Factor Counself Insight’s predictive analytics recommendations into your decision to find the best long-term fit at the best rate.

Stay Alert of Events

Maintain information on scheduled events and milestones, manage timelines, and set up alerts in advance of RFP due dates all with a fully automated system that keeps track and does the notifying, reminding, and follow up for you.

Centralize Data

Take advantage of Counself’s collaborative and private libraries that integrate with your existing enterprise document management systems to maintain easy access to all of your vendor documentation in tandem with RFP histories. Keep track with a searchable database of your outside counsel, vendors, and other legal service providers, all in one location.

Ready to start saving on legal spend?

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