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What are some of the things you can do with Counself?

Save Time with Templates

Create proposals and generate responses with our customizable templates, saving time and reducing busywork by populating fields with your firm information, such as certifications and diversity information.

Stay Alert to Contract Events

Maintain information on scheduled events and milestones, manage timelines, and sign proposals online with DocuSign, in a fully automated system that keeps track and does the notifying for you.

Increase Your Firm’s Visibility

Joining Counself gives your firm the opportunity to join our Marketplace where you can not only discover new relationships by searching for public proposals, but can also be searched for, discovered by, and sought after by clients for new projects.

Metrics and Analysis

Counself helps you better understand your clients by recognizing patterns in your working relationships, producing in-depth analytics that will enable you to maximize your firm’s efficiency.