Overcoming The Hurdles of Outside Counsel Management

This talks about the common challenges law department experience in managing their outside counsel and how Counself can solve these problems.

3 To Dos: Defending Against Supply Chain Attacks

The article provides 3 steps on defending against supply chain attacks.

The Rise of Mansfield Rule: Strengthening Collaboration Through Diverse Leadership

An article describing The Mansfield Rule for Law Firms and the Mansfield Rule for Legal Departments.

Accellion Data Breach Update: Top Boston Law Firm Affected

A follow up article to Accelion data breach.

Washington Residents Who Filed For Unemployment Affected by State Vendor Accellion Data Breach

This article summarizes the data breach to Accelion that affected the Office of the Washington State Auditor

New York State Introduced Biometric Privacy Act with Private Right of Action (NYBPA)

This article describes the proposed NY state Biometric Privacy Act.

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