Case Study: NetDocuments and Counself Integration is A Tremendous Time Saver

December 15, 2020

“This feature [NetDocuments Integration] is a tremendous time saver, thank you all for your work on this!”

-Operations Manager at Fortune 500 US Bank

Feedback inspires us to innovate and improve, particularly positive comments like the one above. This client is the legal department operations manager at one of the top US financial institutions, who performs due diligence reviews on 100s of vendors every year.

Before using Counself they were overwhelmed with manually managing the large volume of emails sent, files received and analyzed, reviews conducted, and approvals issued. Counself Risk’s request interface, form questionnaires, and secure audit tools were a huge help in organizing, streamlining and centralizing their process.

A problem remained however: they still had to manually move the documents they received from Counself to NetDocuments, their document management system. Often, they were receiving dozens of documents across their requests on a daily basis, which made the copy and paste process tedious, not to mention that documents that had to be saved to the local computer to then be uploaded to other platforms were a security risk.

They reached out to us to help. Here’s what we did:


We Listened

We learned through their feedback that the majority of time wasted was when users had to locate, target, and move large numbers of documents between Counself and NetDocuments.

We reviewed their system design and suggested that integrating Counself with NetDocuments with a simple and intuitive interface would be a massive time-saver for them. The new two-way interface we designed with their input would allow both Counself and NetDocuments users to securely push and pull documents between the two cloud applications.


 We Valued Details

Our team had experience integrating the Counself platform with other cloud storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, but NetDocuments was new.

We spent time with the NetDocuments team to fully understand their API possibilities to determine how we could best leverage the Counself and NetDocuments APIs to marry these two systems. We conducted thorough testing through every stage of the implementation and ensured that all system safety, access, and other information security settings were maintained, following company policies as sensitive information is transmitted.

Partnering with NetDocuments and teaming up with their support team made the entire process more efficient and resulted in a robust integration and satisfying solution for all of our clients who use both NetDocuments and Counself.


We Delivered

With this integration, any user can export documents from Counself into NetDocuments and vice versa with a click of a button. They no longer have to search through an entire questionnaire for a document they need to review or reference. Users can easily choose documents in their Counself libraries and upload to NetDocuments without leaving the platform.

Counself and NetDocuments complement each other’s user experience by eliminating unnecessary steps and creating a more secure and reliable system. Our client now enjoys a more efficient workflow with this seamless integration, allowing them to focus on more important tasks within their department.


Ready to pull the waste from your workflows?

If your department uses NetDocuments and you experience  similar problems, our team is ready to collaborate and help you to achieve amazing results.

Counself’s ISO 27001 certified cloud-based platform is intelligently designed to help corporate counsel and Legal Operations teams manage relationships with their outside counsel and legal vendors. See more of Counself here or get in touch with us here.

Learn more about NetDocuments and their products and services here.

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