Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counself?
Does Counself require an ‘on-premises’ implementation?

No, Counself is a multitenant-cloud-based solution that you can begin to use it immediately after completing registration. Counself is optimized for browsers across devices, from desktop to mobile, so you can always access it from anywhere.

What do we mean by RFx?
  • RFI (Request For Information): Collect and Analyze - RFIs are exploratory, open-ended, and fact-finding. Send a due diligence RFI to collect policies and data to verify and approve vendors or explore the marketplace with an open RFI when you are new to an industry or not sure what solution you’re looking for.
  • RFP (Request For Proposal): Compare and Select - RFPs are controlled, competitive, and evaluative. Send an RFP to potential Outside Counsel firms in a new jurisdiction, compare their AFA proposals across KPIs, Value-Adds, and other purchasing and relationship criteria, and select the winner to handle your matters.
  • RFQ (Request For Quote): Cost and Negotiate - RFQs are structured, focused, and realizable. Send an RFQ to an established panel firm for a new matter, removing distractions and allowing your vendor to focus on price and value for the project.

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